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angpat · 16/01/2024 17:40

In the DSM-5 ASD score if system when it says “manifested by the following currently or by history “ what does this mean ? History as in has done that behaviour in the past when younger?

OP posts:
KeepGoingThomas · 16/01/2024 19:20

You are missing a comma. Add that and then makes sense. “manifested by the following, currently or by history” i.e. the things it goes on to list are evidenced either because they are present now or there is history of it/them.

However, the ICD-11 is more commonly used in the UK.

angpat · 16/01/2024 20:17

Thank you. so if there is a history of the behavior that is relevant ? but then what if it was “normal toddler behaviour “ and they grew out of it would that still count ? Eg they used to rock their body but now longer do or they used to not respond to their name when they were 12 months old but now they do at 18 months ?is that still relevant in diagnosis ?

OP posts:
KeepGoingThomas · 16/01/2024 20:32

History is relevant, but if behaviour was normal toddler behaviour/development then, no, it wouldn’t be considered a sign of ASD.

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