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8 year old cannot write his name

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dontheseeker · 28/12/2023 16:55

My 8 year old is diagnosed with brain trauma<shaken baby from my wifes niece and she left him with us and we ended up adopted him and his brother<age 10>> Last year in 1st grade, he was learning to at least try to print his name<he does know his alphabet and can count up to 100> but is unable to print anything legitable. The new 2nd grade teacher is teaching him most things on his tablet and not like they did last year. I really think it is most important for him to learn to print. Am I wrong???

OP posts:
KeepGoingThomas · 28/12/2023 18:07

If DS can’t write or his writing is illegible, typing is a valid alternative.

PinkMimosa · 29/12/2023 19:16

I'm a little older and my writing is bloody awful. I can type really quickly though and do that mostly. Honestly, how often do you actually write these days?

Do you have access to an Occupational Therapist who could help? There's some information on improving pen grip here although I would only try these as no pressure, fun activities.

It does sound as though the new Teacher has realised that he's having difficulty and has made a very reasonable adjustment for him, which is admirable.

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