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DLA question, regarding autism diagnosis

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bippityboppity87 · 24/10/2023 20:07

My 7 year old DS has recently been diagnosed with autism. Was told to apply for DLA so filled out the forms online. We only have the diagnosis letter though (said they will send the full assessment to his gp which I included in the forms) will this be enough?

He can't do zips or buttons, so wears joggers all the time, can't wipe his own bum, nor tie his shoe laces. Had no sense of danger so will run into the road as well as into others, run away in shops. Bangs his head against the concrete and hits himself as well as me and others when having a meltdown. His sleep is atrocious and had often been awake well into 12am/1am and refuses to sleep in his own bed

This is just a snippet of what I wrote in the forms but I don't know if this will be enough

OP posts:
YellowRosesWithRedTips · 24/10/2023 20:34

DLA is based on needs rather than diagnosis. DWP won’t send the form to your GP. They sometimes speak to the GP, but not always and you shouldn’t rely on this. Impossible to say whether the diagnosis letter will be enough. You could submit a SAR to the school to gather more evidence (but don’t delay submitting the DLA form). Have a look at Cerebra’s guide.

Mummytodo · 11/11/2023 17:10

I had no diagnosis but sent referrals I did sleep diary and then did a detailed statement of needs I did not think we would get awarded but we did and got hrc. Good luck and send school reports especially if it mentions tiredness affects his day

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