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Emotional Regulation - Any specialist help?

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piratejane · 30/08/2023 22:54

My 10 year old daughter has difficulties with emotional regulation. This has been apparent since very young.

No formal diagnosis (not deemed to have enough difficulties by school to go forward for an assessment but under SENCO at school).

I believe these issues are starting to affect her mental health.

I can pay for treatment privately but not sure where to turn. DBT looks promising.

Has anyone's dc received this type of treatment and was it effective? I'm keen to start it soon before the teenage years kick in but also is a child of this age capable of using some of the techniques?

Any advice would be appreciated.

OP posts:
OvertakenByLego · 31/08/2023 10:12

Have you tried to get a referral even though the school doesn't see the difficulties? It is still possible to get a diagnosis in DC who mask where the school thinks the child is ‘fine’.

What support is the school providing? Do they have anyone who can support Zones of Regulation work, emotional literacy support? OT and SALT can help. Depending on DD’s developmental level, play therapy can help, too.

Quisquam · 31/08/2023 12:50

DD had DBT, as an adult. It’s about learning strategies, rather than being some kind of cure. I get the impression, there have to be significant problems - it’s not something anyone can access at will.

I don’t know if it’s available under 18.

Have a look on Amazon - there a handbook on DBT. If your DD is motivated, she can work through it.

Quisquam · 31/08/2023 12:59

Marsha Linehan is the person, who came up with DBT. Here is the manual for adults:

However, I noticed on Amazon, there is a DBT book for teenagers.

Mindfulness is quite a thing in it too!

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