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6yo toilet seat for travel

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mommalaulau · 30/08/2023 13:55

Looking for recommendations please.

My 6yo dd has asd, and she still uses a toilet seat on the toilet (toddler seat that goes on the fixed seat), she has one at school too. When we go out we have a folding seat but she has recently started to refuse using it saying it's bending down at the folds (it's obviously not meant for her age or weight now). I'm having to hold her and she gets scared that I'll drop her, I don't want her to begin getting a fear of going to the toilet when we're out.

Does anybody have any recommendations for travel toilet seats that are practical (can fit in to a backpack) and suitable for her age? She is average height and weight.

OP posts:
OvertakenByLego · 30/08/2023 19:06

What about something like this? Although, you can probably find a mainstream version without the price tag that comes with SN products.

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