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Vaccines at Independent Specialist School?

3 replies

Runningoncake · 18/08/2023 07:43

Can anyone with a child at an independent specialist school tell me whether the NHS vaccination teams come to independent specialist schools please?

I could ask after the summer but my GP surgery is asking me, as a carer, to make an appt for a flu and covid vaccination. I’d like to get an appt for DS too for whatever he won’t get at school.

OP posts:
OvertakenByLego · 18/08/2023 10:12

Locally independent schools receive vaccinations. You could call the 0-19 nursing team to check whether they do in your area.

Runningoncake · 19/08/2023 09:02

Thanks. That’s useful knowledge!

OP posts:
cansu · 28/08/2023 09:14

Yes they do but it is generally just for the ones that all school kids get rather than say ones for covid. So the HPV is delivered at all mainstream schools so they also visit the special schools on their patch as well.

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