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Wits end !

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lollipoprainbow · 01/08/2023 23:23

Feeling very stressed at moment and just don’t know what to do. 11 year old daughter is autistic with a pda profile. We have just moved and we have already had a complaint about her noise from the neighbours feel so ashamed. She hefs very angry and screams and shouts when I say no to her. Because I’m now walking on eggshells with the neighbours I am effectively giving into her to stop her screaming and she knows this and is playing on it. Also she is prone to jumping on the floor and kicking the wall making a noise and will not stop. Again if I try and stop her she screams. Any advice? I’m a nervous wreck !!

OP posts:
coldcouture · 01/08/2023 23:41

Have you received any specialist advice on reducing DDs anxiety/supporting her behaviour by lowering demands etc?

Beyond that, can you explain the score to the neighbours? Explain the diagnosis and the help you are receiving etc?

Put bookcases on party walls to absorb some of the sound?

I have exactly the same challenge, but thankfully, so far neighbours have been exceptionally understanding (they put up with a lot). I try and help them out whenever I can to reciprocate.

Bottom line though is that these are significant disabilities and there are no easy solutions.

OvertakenByLego · 02/08/2023 13:23

What support is DD receiving?
Do you have sensory equipment and trampoline? Some find a punch bag helps.

Have you tried some PDA strategies? 

Some people find Yvonne Newbold’s resources and Ross Greene’s The Explosive Child book helpful.

cansu · 02/08/2023 20:26

You can either ignore them or you can explain that your dc has special needs and that whilst you do your best, there will be noise at times. Then you ignore them politely of course. I found that most people are more understanding when things have been explained.

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