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SEN Mum Careers Club podcast

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Onceuponatimethen · 26/07/2023 22:28

AIBU (ok I know this is not AIBU) to shout about this amazing new podcast?!

Is anyone else listening?

I am loving it so much - so validating to hear other dms of dc with SEN talking about the juggle.

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Curlygirli · 27/07/2023 13:27

I’ve never heard of the podcast but will definitely add it to my list. My non verbal DS will be 4 in October, he’s just been put on the ASD pathway and we are in the process of starting his EHCP, trying to juggle everything with work can be difficult so it’ll be nice to hear how others do it.

Onceuponatimethen · 27/07/2023 14:53

Let me know what you think @Curlygirli as I’m loving it and want fellow fans!

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Onceuponatimethen · 27/07/2023 14:54

The second episode is about getting an EHCP so that might chime with you. Best of luck with your journey!

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Onceuponatimethen · 28/07/2023 07:33

Anyone else listening in?

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