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Help needed re.statement!!!

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rivers · 13/12/2004 20:50

I received my daughter's proposed statement and I just do not understand it!! The whole thing is witten in such a way that it is does not seem clear what they are proposing for example my DD needs a carer with her for health needs on a 1-1 basis and they haven't mentioned this at all. Are all statements written in such a way, I always imagined that they would set everything out clearly. If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful as to what I should do now? Also if anyone has any exp. of language units attached to mainsteam schools I would love to hear about them as it maybe a possibility of my dd attending one. Thank you!

OP posts:
pixiefish · 13/12/2004 21:12

bumping for you

JaysMumWantsaSilentNight · 13/12/2004 21:37

If you are unsure about the wording of the proposed statement I would suggest contacting IPSEA - phone number 0800 0184016 - they will offer you excellent advice and support.They helped us so much when we were struggling to understand the "true" meaning of what was written!!!

Blossomhill would probably help you with language units because her little one goes to one.

Good Luck.

Jimjambells · 13/12/2004 21:41

The original proposed statement we had was very vague and woolly. I spoke to IPSEA, downloaded some of their articles from their website and went through it with a highlighter. Eventually met the statementing officer (actually very helpful) and we went through it line by line until we had something we agreed on.

blossomgoodwill · 13/12/2004 22:20

Hi Rivers

My dd (5) has been attending a language unit for over a year now. Any questions you have I am more than happy to answer
Dd is doing so, so well. I am in love with the place and never want her to leave!

JakBFrostNippingatYourtoes · 13/12/2004 22:35

Heh Rivers, like Jimjams, DD's proposed statement was very vague and nothing like the final one. The statementing officer was V helpful to us, too. Good luck!

ThomCatsAreNotJustForXmas · 14/12/2004 10:21

Not quite at that stage hon but would also advise you ring IPSEA, they're great.

mum38 · 14/12/2004 14:09

hi. my ds has a statement for speech related problems. if your dd has language/speech problems its worth checking the speech input is covered under education and not just health.

Blossomhill has been really helpful with advice about language units (thanks Blossomhill!). As someone who missed out on getting a place for ds at reception (we are trying to get a yr 3 place now) it's worth getting the ball moving early. Most panels meet in March for September intake and some areas its the previous November.

Good luck

rivers · 14/12/2004 21:43

Thanks so much for all your answers, I'm glad it is not just me who has received a very vague statement and has managed to sort it out. I have taken down the no. for the IPSEA and will ring them tomorrow, Re. the language unit we have been told my daughter is not suitable as they do not take anyone with a speech problem due to a physical problem! I have no idea where the best school will be for her as she cannot speak at all and I worry her communication needs won't be met in a mainsteam school, oh well another thing to stress over!! Thanks again for your help

OP posts:
Davrosthesnowwoman · 14/12/2004 22:30

Anywhere near an ICan School? Don't know their policy but worth checking out, great reputation.

blossomgoodwill · 14/12/2004 22:39

yes dd's primary school isn't an Ican unit but the secondary school she will probably attend is. Funnily enough it's the secondary school I went to!

blossomgoodwill · 14/12/2004 22:40

Rives - How about a communciation unit??? Does your dd have any autistic traits at all as I am sure you need some to get in IYKWIM

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