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Reapplying DLA

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Frustratedandfrazzled · 27/06/2023 16:34

We were refused DLA last year and I never went through with the appeal as we as a family had so much on and it was all too stressful as it is. Basically it turned out we were denied because I wrote the word run on my form. My DD has mobility issues aswell and struggles to walk more than 15 minutes without complaining her legs are hurting and needing a break. Yes she can run but she isn’t an athlete in any means but she will run off of having a meltdown (dangerous as she can run into the road etc). So I’m going to make sure there is no mention of running in there this time.

Anyway is there any other advice that you can give. TIA

OP posts:
HermioneKipper · 27/06/2023 17:04

Following as I’m applying for my son at the moment.

you can’t use the word run?! Mine runs so fast but absolutely no awareness of any danger

Frustratedandfrazzled · 27/06/2023 17:57

@HermioneKipper apparently because she can run she doesn’t qualify for the mobility aspect! Literally so frustrating! She can run but falls over half the time injuring herself.

OP posts:
ThomasWasTortured · 27/06/2023 19:00

Have you looked at Cerebra’s guide?

Being able to run wouldn’t necessarily prevent DLA being issued, especially if you were talking about DC running off. It could, in fact, support an award of LRM or, if extreme and DC meet the other criteria, HRM under the SMI rules.

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