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DLA renewal and Carers Allowance

2 replies

IcanandIwill · 24/06/2023 10:35

Hi, DDs DLA was renewed the day before the previous claim ended. I've had a letter from carers allowance saying that my CA claim was due to end with the old DLA claim. But the letter isn't expressly clear if I need to tell them if the DLA has been renewed or not. Any experience?

OP posts:
ThomasWasTortured · 24/06/2023 11:42

I would call to make certain they are aware.

Lulu1504 · Yesterday 15:38

wonder if somebody can help my daughters dla renewed from the 14/04/2024 in the letter it states the money is paid from the Wednesday after the first day that’s you are entitled including the 17/4/2024 the last payment from her old claim was on 9/4/2024 so when will my next payment due

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