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Autism or adhd related?

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Blossom4538 · 07/05/2023 14:03

Hi all,
Our almost 12 year old has an autism diagnosis. I am wondering if the following behaviours are related to autism, possible planning/processing challenges or adhd and focus/distraction…perhaps both! Have you seen this in your children and what diagnosis do they have?

They often:-
forget to turn bathroom sink tap off and leave the room!

always leaves all drawers, cupboards and wardrobes wide open after opening

needs a lot of prompting and reminding to take belongings that she needs with her when going out or to school

when cooking or baking (supervised) will sometimes forget to turn oven or hob on but will very likely forget to turn off - even if very apparent - gas hob burning etc

sometimes gets easily distracted and can’t always focus

or will focus on computer game but even if bored, can’t stop playing or put down unless we physically take away from her and prompt them.


OP posts:
ThomasWasTortured · 07/05/2023 17:41

All these could be related to ASD or ADHD.

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