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Child with EHCP refusing to accept any help.

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Violet22 · 06/04/2023 08:42

Son (13) has audio processing issues, motor planning difficulties, visual perception issues, social communication. In a fairly good mainstream secondary school that have support in place- laptop for use if needed, TA'S to help him with his work, extra time in exams. He refuses the lap top and extra time and often tells TA's to go away and leave him alone. He refuses to accept he has any difficulties. He has asked for number of LA to ring and ask them to remove his EHCP. He refused to come to his annual review

How can I help him accept all this? Does anyone know any good books / blog sites/videos for children about dyspraxia, autism, any of the difficulties above or special needs in general.

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FloatingBean · 06/04/2023 10:43

Sounds like you need an early review of the EHCP. Does DS have any MH support/therapies? The support need adapting so DS can get to a point where he can engage. What does DS like doing? I know a couple of parents with similar DC have had success with mindjam.

Violet22 · 06/04/2023 23:44

No he doesn't have any MH support therapies. I just had his annual review should have asked for some although we did talk about him not accepting help. Maybe it's not too late to email and ask for that to be included. He is generally compliant at school and at home so possibly mental health not flagged up as an issue, although I do worry about it as he seems to internalise everything and not talk about things. Maybe there's some counseling he can have or something? I don't know what mindjam is, I will google.

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FloatingBean · 07/04/2023 09:34

I think the right MH support could help. Less direct forms that tap into interests and rely less on verbal communication are often more successful in these situations. For example, if DS like animals then animal assisted therapy (either general animal based or focused on one particular animal such as equine assisted or I have even known alpaca assisted therapy!), or if he likes gaming Mindjam which isn’t therapy as such but mentoring and emotional support.

Violet22 · 07/04/2023 18:25

He does like animals, will look up some options and the mindjam looks good but is a waiting list for it. Thank you for your help.

OP posts:
FloatingBean · 07/04/2023 20:28

Mindjam does have a waiting list but it moves and is nowhere near as long as for most other services e.g. CAMHS.

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