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DLA appeal

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Anono2022 · 25/03/2023 18:02

So I have finally been given my DS appeal date for a month's time.

Though I am positive that they should overturn their decision, I am so so scared about the hearing.

I applied for F2F but it's being conducted via video link. It doesn't state how long it will last? Does anyone know? Has anyone any experience of a hearing and can let me know what to expect? What do they ask?


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FloatingBean · 25/03/2023 19:20

How long the hearing last varies. I know ones that have been very quick, 10 mins, and others that have lasted 50-60mins. In my experience most last 30 mins ish.

They will ask about DS’s needs (personal care, supervision, communication, therapies, mobility etc.) and dig deeper into things you included in the form and evidence you have sent. They sometimes ask you to describe an average day, and often ask about school.

If DWP have a representative attending (they don’t always) the panel may ask them some questions too.

Anono2022 · 25/03/2023 21:16

Thank you.

I've read through all his evidence and I'm pleased there is plenty. I still can't get my head around how it was declined with all the evidence supplied. I believe our downfall was a very unsupportive school who said the opposite of all his medical evidence. I've got representation and they too believe the only thing not in his favour is his old school, which he was removed from for failing their duty of care towards him.

I've felt I've been made to look like I've been dishonest but it's actually validating really all his evidence because they support everything. I'll remain positive for a positive outcome

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