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Abnormality at 12 week scan

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Meadows15 · 09/03/2023 13:34


We had our 12 week scan yesterday and were told that our baby's left arm hasn't developed past the elbow.
They said everything else to do with the pregnancy seemed fine and had it not been for the baby's arm then the 12 week scan would have been 'normal'

Has anyone had any sort of experience like this? We're worried that there will be more complications in the coming weeks and were shocked when the consultant asked us if we were considering abortion.
We don't want to abort if they have a limb difference but at the same time are struggling with the mention of it and we also have some family that have been really negative about it and have said that if we go ahead with the pregnancy then it will be 'stress for all of us!'

OP posts:
openupmyeagereyes · 09/03/2023 19:01

What a shock that must have been. I don’t have any experience of this but just wanted to offer you some support.

Whats the next step, have they booked extra scans to check on development?

Obviously only you know what is right for you, but fwiw I don’t think a missing limb means ‘stress’ for these family members. Things might be different but that doesn’t mean bad Flowers

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