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DLA mobility 2022 update - refusal to walk

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LittleCoffeePot · 30/11/2022 23:02

Apologies if the title is a bit vague, I'm not quite sure how to word my complicated question concisely!

So my DS is 3 years old and has recently been dignosed with autism. I'm currently in the process of filling out the DLA form and am following the very helpful Cerebra guide but am a bit lost on their guidance for mobility.

For background, walking is consisently an issue for us as, although he is perfectly able to walk, he refuses frequently, basically every time we're out, and has intense meltdowns when he realises we're going home during which he fights and flails and resists even being carried.

Following the 2022 DLA form update, they suggest leaving some of the mobility tick boxes blank if your child has these issues and instead to write 'regularly and unpredictably refuses to walk' in the spaces between boxes. I suppose I'm quite anxious about filling the giant form out and the idea of leaving parts blank to write in my own answers seems a bit scary in case it causes a problem with the claim.

Does anyone have an autistic child with similar issues and has recently followed this guidance? Did they they accept the claim? I appreciate it's a bit specific but I don't have anyone else to ask.


OP posts:
Itisbetter · 30/11/2022 23:06

Write all over it if it helps. Be honest and provide as much evidence as possible. Honestly at three he may not be that much worse than the average so you may not get it but either he will improve or it will be straight forward to show the gap widening.

JustKeepBuilding · 30/11/2022 23:13

Leaving boxes empty and writing as per the Cerebra guide is acceptable, DWP won’t refuse just because you didn’t tick the box but wrote instead. Here is Contact’s information on claiming HRM with ASD. And this document contains the flowcharts DWP use so you can ensure you evidence each point.

Cocopops22 · 10/10/2023 12:15

Hi did you have any luck? I’m 2 weeks away from hearing back from Dla about my son he’s autistic aged 4 , and I’m hoping to get mobility for him I followed the cerebra guide and answered the questions without ticking ❤️

LittleCoffeePot · 12/10/2023 11:26

@Cocopops22 Hi, no, we weren't awarded a mobility element due to DS's age but I'm going to reapply when he turns 5 soon, walking is still a huge problem for us, especially now he's bigger, heavier and stronger!

Although there's not the same financial element, you can also apply through your local authority for a Blue Badge, we were awarded ours and it has made a massive difference in getting out and about

OP posts:
Cocopops22 · 12/10/2023 12:38

Thank you so much, it’s so hard isn’t it my son won’t walk or leave the house most of the time. Thanks for the information about blue badge I am going to see if we can get one , thanks for replying ❤️

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