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DS 13, getting a dyspraxia diagnosis?

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eggyfartpants · 27/10/2022 22:05

Ds is 13, just had ed psych assessment which has confirmed dyslexia. The ed psych suggested we get him assessed for dyspraxia. I am wondering what's the benefit of getting a diagnosis? Will the school actually do anything different? I realise it may help him understand and process some things if it is confirmed which is really important...what else does it provide? And do we wait for NHS or find the cash to go private. Thank you

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TickTickTock · 31/10/2022 21:32

Hi there, I paid privately for my DD to have a dyspraxia assessment with Dyspraxia UK. It was a very comprehensive, assessing gross and fine motor coordination, and how these affect her holistically. The outcome for my DD was a diagnosis and also recommendations for how she can be supported at home and school. E.g. special handwriting pencil and slope, movement breaks, learning to type, exercises to help strengthen and improve balance. So many more I could mention too. I liked that the assessment was O.T led. I can't tell you whether it's worth waiting for the NHS or not, it depends how much you think the dyspraxia is affecting him I guess. I know it's a privileged position to be able to afford a private assessment- if you can afford it comfortably then it may well be worth doing.

Happy to answer any questions you might have re the assessment. Also there's a good video here which OT recommended

I hope you find the best support for your son :)

Take care
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