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Autism and writing

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Bobobab · 01/10/2022 15:41


My son has just started reception and is doing really well and settled quickly (we are lucky to have an EHCP in place and a one to one TA). One thing he has always avoided is mark making... all homework seems to be around writing and he can only do a line and can get upset when it doesn't work out the way he wants.

Any tips on how to help or experience? Is this something that will come in it's own time?

OP posts:
Thatsnotmycar · 01/10/2022 15:53

How are his fine motor skills? How is he with things like threading beads?

Writing in sand or on a whiteboard might help, especially if part of the problem is perfectionism because he can easily start again.

CharlieG31 · 03/10/2022 13:31

Can he type on a computer/iPad? My son has hyper mobile joints and although he can write, it’s quite painful for him and he does much better using an iPad and he doesn’t miss out on the actual learning behind the writing.

SusiePevensie · 04/10/2022 11:09

We've found workbooks help - Letts & Usborne do good ones.

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