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Does the NHS accept private diagnosis

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Titsflyingsouth · 27/09/2022 17:01

Looking for some guidance from other SEND families or education/healthcare professionals.

DH is 8 and is autistic. We waited 2 years on NHS list before getting his diagnosis. However we now suspect that ASC is not the full picture and think he also has ADHD (the non-hyperactive type that used to be called ADD.) We've been warned that the diagnostic waiting lists in our are even longer now and we are considering going private. (He's only a couple of years away from transitioning to secondary and if he's going to stand a snowball's chance in hell of managing, we need to make sure we have the right support in order before the end of year 6.) We have some savings we could use to pay for a private test, but we're worried the NHS/LEA may not accept the results.

Does anyone have any experience of private ADHD tests, did their LEA/doctor accept the results? Which organisation did you use? (Based in Essex, if that is any use.)

OP posts:
Titsflyingsouth · 30/09/2022 17:01

Bumping this. Anyone?

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Haveasay · 30/09/2022 17:06

In my experience a medical diagnosis given by an appropriately qualified practitioner is accepted by local authorities and other medical practitioners.

Thatsnotmycar · 30/09/2022 17:16

The LA can’t refuse to accept a private assessment/diagnosis just because it is independent.

The validity is less likely to be challenged if the assessment is with someone who also undertakes or has previously undertaken NHS work &/or follows the NICE guidance when assessing.

If you would be interested in trialling medication if DS is diagnosed with ADHD and continuing to pay private prescription costs would be a problem you would need to check your GP would be willing to prescribe as some try to refuse.

Titsflyingsouth · 02/10/2022 12:59

Thanks All. This is really helpful.

I'm doubtful about the benefits of meds for DS @Thatsnotmycar . If he does have ADD the meds they would give him would presumably be stimulants which I fear may cause complications for his ASD since he has oversensitive sensory response to some things (loud noises and bright lights respectively.)

OP posts:
Thatsnotmycar · 02/10/2022 16:22

There are non-stimulant medications you can take instead of stimulants. I don’t know much about them as my DC don’t have ADHD, but I know they exist and some with anxiety &/or ASD find they work better.

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