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Twins with additional needs and behaviour

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tabathapattaz · 30/08/2022 08:54

have twins. One adhd one with aniexty ocd and attachment,

They are out of control, one of them is sooo disrespectful and swears, shouts hits is violent, if I take anything off him, he shouts back at me saying next I'll take your phone your stuff off you..

I've tried everything it's embarrassing taking them out, I'm a single mum, when they go to there dads he's constantly on the phone to me saying I'm to soft and it's my fault..

I've been having coaching and she's made me feel like absolute shit, saying I should not take the stuff away from the. Boys instead find another way like saying I know your angry but hitting your brother or me is not ok.. which is fine but what is the punishment!!

I'm now sat on my bed crying in my own room well the boys are fighting in the other room..

I can't do this anymore I really can't..

I do everything for them an yes I do think it's my fault cause I spoil them,

There 11 and they are completely out of control, the have no respect for me at all!!

One of them if I tell him of he tells me to shut up women, go away, etc.. what am I supposed to do with that, the lady said to say that makes me really sad when you say that!

I have no family support.. I don't have many friends cause they won't come round with there kids!

And some of this behaviour is not due to his needs. Like yesteday him and his brother was rightening, and he sprayed detox in his brothers eye, emptied a litre bottle of water on the floor.. then told me to shut up m!

What the fA@&k do I do now?

OP posts:
LargeLegoHaul · 30/08/2022 11:56

Have you tried medication?

Have you had social care assessments? Assessments via the disabled children’s team for DS’s and a carer’s assessment for you.

Have DS’s been assessed by OT? And are they receiving MH support?

Are they receiving support at school?

Have you tried the support worker’s suggestions? Punishing DC as you are obviously isn’t working so it’s worth trying something else. Punishments often don’t work the same with ND DC as they do for NT DC.

Have a look at Yvonne Newbold’s resources.

Apologies for all the questions!

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