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boysmuma · 29/07/2022 17:46

Hello guys,

My almost 3 year old has been under professionals since 16 months for a variety of different reasons, sensory, Eating, behavioural etc, we have always looked in the path of possible autism due to his age professionals are just observing with 4 monthly appointments fora possible diagnosis in the future. He hasn't had a paediatrician appointment in about five months now and I can't help but think his behaviours have gotten sooo much worse and my thoughts have turned to ADHD. His dad and uncle both have adhd, grandma has bipolar and other two twin uncles have social and emotional behavioural problems. My son is super active with absolutely no fear and has been since young, he is very handsy and can be quite rough, he's biting, hitting out, swearing, his eating is terrible but always has been since a baby. He has fixations for feet and will lay by feet and ask for people to take socks off all day long. He never seems to get tired he will and run and run all day long. Doesn't deal with being away from me (mum) and gets extremely upset if I shower or walk into other room if I'm on the phone. My partner has awful anxiety about taking him out due to swearing and over friendliness with stagers. Despite all of that he means it in the nicest way I genuinely don't thing he understands and can't seem to grasp the concept of naughty behaviour. He just wants to play with other children but it always ends in the other child getting upset. We have and do tell him when he's wrong and always have done but I feel as though I have a bit of a loose cannon on my hands. I'm absolutely terrified to get him into nursery.. advice is welcome.

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