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CoastalWave · 25/07/2022 11:52


DS 8 is currently awaiting formal diagnosis for both ADHD and ASD but it's pretty certain that he has both.

He has spent the last 4 years of school being picked on for being weird and being hit, punched, kicked - you name it. I have a catalogue of injuries he has suffered and as a result, we finally bit the bullet and moved schools.

However, he has now become the violent child at the new school - hit a child in his first week and then slapped another child last week. This has come out of nowhere. (both incidents were provoked I might add but that still doesn't excuse them)

He has never ever retailed or hit before. I was always worried about what injury he would come out of school with.

Now it's very much looking like, is he going to be excluded :( I really don't want this as this is a fabulous school, teachers are amazing, it's a kind and supportive environment for his needs.


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