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My second hand major has arrived

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meea · 25/11/2004 13:35

This is probably going to sound really silly but when I looked at it I couldn't help but think that when he goes out in it tomorrow people will be aware that he has special needs.Does that seem silly ?.
In some ways it is probably better than people wondering why he is always in a pushchair.
People have asked me why I dont let him out and run around when he is crying and stropping in it in the yard.But I don't see why I should explain my self to people.
I took dd2 for her first visit to the school yesterday and one of the teaching staff told me were to leave his pushchair and said I am sure he can walk that far.
I guess part of the problem is that he is huge for his age infact the reception teacher tried to take him off me instead of dd2 .

OP posts:
misdee · 25/11/2004 20:33

meea, people will notice and some may stare.

and i know what u mean about large child. dd2 is just 2, and we went on monday to a school visit to dd1 new school. the teacher asked why dd2 wasnt coming in to play as well. err because she is 2?!!

JanH · 25/11/2004 20:40

There a couple of earlier threads you might find helpful, meea - here and here - people who know what a major buggy is will notice and understand but others won't. .

Hope it is easier for you to use than an ordinary pushchair anyway.

pixel · 26/11/2004 14:33

Actually I haven't really notice anyone staring at our buggy but then perhaps I'm just unobservant!

I think in some cases it makes things easier. An example is last year when I took the children to the Crib service people were asked to leave buggies at the back of the church because space was so limited. The ushers (if that is what they are called) were only too pleased to let ds stay in his buggy when I explained he has autism but I could see that other people were wondering why I was allowed to block the aisle and they weren't. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable as it drew more attention to us. This year we have our major and I'm hoping people will just look once and then accept that ds has the right to be there.

viva · 02/12/2004 11:39

hi meea dont worry people are so nice on here left message on wonderful world of majors board
alos does any 1 know any l;inners to fit the major other than maclaren to make it more comfy when its cold does any body use a linner in there buggys thanks

mulsey · 02/12/2004 21:57

buggy liners.....
this woman in wales was great, she made a buggy liner for my daughters specially adapted mountain buggy. I just had to measure the length, and she made it to measure. We are now the proud owners of a matching hat too, my daughter looks all warm in the fleece, its great!

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