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Should a parent sit in on an educational psychologist appointment?

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ShotInTheFoot · 10/07/2022 17:00

My DD has an appointment with a private educational psychologist in her school next week. I assumed I would be sat in with her for the one to one work but the educational psychologist has asked me not to. Is this usual?
Would anybody be bothered by this?

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SoS505 · 10/07/2022 17:30

I think DC would, with the pressure of a parent sitting there listening to everything they said, possibly give different responses than if there alone.
I think I’d rather DC had the best assessment, and was able to act freely without worrying, but I suppose it depends on how old DC is.

ShotInTheFoot · 10/07/2022 18:06

You’re right , it would affect her responses. I just thought I would be required to sit in as it’s not the usual psychologist her school uses. I have employed them to do it .

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