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Higher rate DLA - does it have to be every night?

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GrapePearPea · 03/07/2022 10:13

My DD wakes up on average 6 nights a week (she does have the occasional night she will be ok) so I put 6 nights on the form. However just wondering if care is needed every night (7 nights) a week to qualify for higher rate? Has anyone put less then 7 on the form and still qualified ?

OP posts:
LargeLegoHaul · 03/07/2022 11:00

If DC satisfy the criteria the majority of the time, which 6/7 days does, then the criteria can be met.

Polly421 · 03/07/2022 11:02

No it doesn’t have to be every night. My daughter is up every 2/3 night and thats her her up for the day and that what we put on the form and she was awarded HRC.
We also put down most nights she is a nightmare getting to sleep wanting to jump about and we have to continually resettle her to ensure she is sleeping. We have installed a camera in her room so when we are downstairs we can see if she wakes. Our health visitor when filling in her form on support section confirmed we had to install it to keep eye on her all the time.

Twinmummyanda7yearold · 04/07/2022 20:19

My little girl has just been awarded HRC and she is up around 5 nights on a average a week.. the odd night I think she just tends to crash from all the sleepless nights.. we did have a letter from the paediatrician to show she had been referred to the sleep clinic so I don't know if that helped 🤔

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