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SN children

kids on music chatboard being offensive about disabled people.

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misdee · 24/11/2004 21:41

it is quite horrible some of the things being said.

i'm not usually up for trolling boards but these kids need a kick up the backside.

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codswallop · 24/11/2004 21:42

bur misdee I loked at it and they sound a b=unch of illeducated 14 year old twats
I owudl leave it and move on!

misdee · 24/11/2004 21:45

maybe i should leave it. but i cant belive that when i jopined that board 6/7years ago in my raving days, that now it would be like that.

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codswallop · 24/11/2004 21:46

we all grow older and a lot wiser.!

misdee · 24/11/2004 21:46

checks for grey hairs..........

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Hulababy · 24/11/2004 21:59

Can completely understand why you are upset and offended misdee. It is appalling. Don't care their ages at all - they should, and I think do know that what they say is wrong. I speak to kids at school about racist comments and offensive comments they say (like "spaz " - sorry, feel bad even writing it) and I can't believe that kids (or adults) can ever think that these things are acceptable.

Makes me very angry, but they'll get their cumupence (sp?) one day I'm sure.

misdee · 24/11/2004 22:01

most of the people on the thread are over 20 if i remember correctly.

u see this post, and on the waffle board is another post about saving a strangers life, and is asking people to sign up to the anthony nolan trust. so i know thy arent totally bad people.

OP posts:
coppertop · 24/11/2004 22:06

They're 20??? I've seen 10yr-olds with more maturity than that lot.

mieow · 24/11/2004 23:32

its been deleted now, thank god

misdee · 25/11/2004 09:32

innit coppertop. it was quite horrible to read. DH reakons they were always like that but i honestly dont remember it. occasionally they'd be one or 2 making sick jokes, but most would say stop it. now the 2 'ringleaders' on the boards make the jokes everyone else joins in. baaaaaaaaa they're sheep.

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