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DLA Form..Help

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Twinmummyanda6yearold · 22/04/2022 19:10

I sent in my daughters claim form and it was scanned 12/04 but now I'm starting to doubt myself 😔 my 3 year old is on the autism pathway, under speech and language and been diagnosed with GDD and is clearly way behind her twin sister, I know in my heart of hearts that she does need extra care than a child of 3 (her twin sister is prime example) but the more I read the harder it is to get awarded for a 3 year old. (The argument being all 3 year olds need extra care). Could anyone please tell me if they've been successful in their claims for a child as young as (or younger than) age 3?
I included paediatrician and SALT reports and pages and pages of extra notes from myself about everything I have to do extra on a daily basis for my little girl, I just hope it's enough😩 I also included how she has been referred to the sleep clinic (stated on Pead report) as she can live off 3/4 hours sleep a night and I have to be awake and supervising to prevent her causing herself harm, this is at least 5/6 nights a week (she can sleep through maybe one night from pure exhaustion).. any experiences would help thank you 🤞🏼

OP posts:
AReallyUsefulEngine · 22/04/2022 20:44

Many DC aged 3 do get DLA, we did.

Robinni · 22/04/2022 23:38

OP you should hear within 6-8wks. From the sound of it you have given ample information. Let it sit and see what happens.

AReallyUsefulEngine · 23/04/2022 10:04

6-8 weeks is quicker than the vast majority of new claimants are hearing at the moment. There’s a backlog causing delays, many are waiting 9-12+ weeks for a decision.

Robinni · 23/04/2022 11:09

Can depend on what evidence you supply and how much chasing around they have to do. We provided 4 reports for son and gave very detailed info, heard incredibly quickly.

AReallyUsefulEngine · 23/04/2022 11:12

Was that a new claim recently? Because at the minute, with the current backlog, it isn’t the timescale for the vast, vast majority. You only have to look at the threads on here to see no one on them is hearing in that timescale.

Robinni · 23/04/2022 12:31

Yep 2022 claim.

AReallyUsefulEngine · 23/04/2022 12:55

That is surprising as many claims aren’t even being looked at for weeks at the moment, so regardless of evidence it’s highly unusual. I haven’t heard of anyone recently other than those under special rules who have received an award for a new claim in less than 8 weeks. It’s even worse for COC which for many are over 15 weeks, and many renewals aren’t being looked at until a couple of weeks before.

Robinni · 23/04/2022 13:21

In any event, the payments are back datable to the point the form was ordered. So you don’t lose out on money for the delay. There may be regional differences according to whichever office looks at it. I don’t think there’s any point fretting. (Have been through the process helping several elderly relatives as well).

Robinni · 23/04/2022 13:33

Just checked it was just over 9 wks from the point form was ordered. I took the full 6wks to fill it in. So from the point they received until the date of award letter it was 3 1/2 weeks processing time.

We provided professional in depth reports in a folder with index. Everything linked well between what we, school and assessment said and it will have been very clear he was entitled and what rate he should be on.

AReallyUsefulEngine · 23/04/2022 13:46

I think you are an outlier, especially at 3.5 weeks when many haven’t even been looked at by that point so it wouldn’t matter what evidence claimants provided, rather than there being significant regional delays meaning some areas are dealing with claims in 6-8 weeks, otherwise there would be some e.g. on the threads on here where people are from a spread of areas are receiving their claims quicker than 8 weeks. Timescales for PIP, AA and adult DLA for the minority still on that are different.

Robinni · 23/04/2022 13:51

Had a look on the main thread there and seen people saying anywhere between 8-19wks. I was surprised it was so quick. But I think my having experience with this sort of thing did help. We had 3 psychologist/behaviourist reports, a medical, two teachers reports, and various family testimonies in addition to our own.

Robinni · 23/04/2022 13:59

Also - make sure you check your tax credits/universal credit entitlement. If you ring within 30 days and are entitled to any payment, this is back dated to the date DLA awarded from.

Leaf1216 · 30/04/2022 15:47


Hi, I am just in the process of applying for my 2.5yr old so wanted to reach out.

He's my child no.3 and has many needs in terms of care so I have applied. Autistic, global development delay, pica, sensory disorder and hyper mobility. With pica issues means constant supervision from eating inedible objects which causes stomach problems, the sensory issues means we can't be around food, restaurants bakeries and again stomach problems. And hypermobility causes him pain, still using the pram which is fine for his age but after a day at nursery (1-1 funded) he is lethargic the next day.

None of this is helpful for you I know just wanted to say don't be put of by the age, if you don't get the decision you want. Appeal it.

Without the constant need for supervision and assistance it's keeping on top of appointments and any new needs they have. I have had to scale right back in work to keep up with it all.

Good luck with your claim, hope you get the right decision.

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