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BellaElla99 · 22/03/2022 09:29

Good morning,

My child currently receives higher rate care and lower rate mobility. Her award was granted for a few years and runs out next year (March 2023). Her needs and diagnosis have recently changed and I need to update them. Although her care needs aren’t decreasing, I have read that they can lower her rate if you put in another application. I am apprehensive to do so but her needs have changed so much from when she was first granted it. For example when the application was first assessed, she could walk and run and now, she can’t especially when she has been released from hospital.

  1. How do I inform them that her needs have changed by writing? Do they have a change of circumstance form?

  1. Has anyone ever been through similar and received the higher rate mobility through a change of circumstance?

  1. How long does it take for them to review a change of circumstance?
OP posts:
ScootScot · 23/03/2022 11:17

Hi I’ve never completed a COC form but people on another DLA thread have said they’re are taking around 20 weeks currently!

Yeah, you should phone up to request this if you think her needs have changed significantly since your original application to warrant a change in DLA rates.

Your rate won’t be lowered if you provide sufficient evidence to show her needs. It will be a different case manager looking at your change of circumstances form and there is a degree of subjectivity when deciding DLA rates so their opinion may not be the same as the original case manager. However, they can only base their decision based on the form you have provided. Ensure you give lots of detail and evidence such as supporting statements for health and education professionals and any letters or reports that support what you write on the form.

Ltb17 · 21/04/2022 05:47

I am currently on week 18 waiting for a decision on change of circumstances, we have been told 20 weeks wait. My child's change is his mobility. He was already awarded hrc so when we done change of circumstances it asks under the daily care component have their care needs changed and you put yes or no. For that part we said no change and only filled out the mobility part.

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