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Refused mobility is it worth doing MR

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Tol85 · 09/03/2022 19:34

Ds is 4 years old, undiagnosed non verbal autism. Recently been awarded HRC no mobility. Too young for LR. Runs out onto roads busy car parks. The odd times that he will walk he's stuck his hand out to try touch moving cars. Also big refusal to walk.
There was no explanation on letter why refused, just list of criteria.
Has anyone else been in same situation and managed to get overturned? TIA.

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Imitatingdory · 09/03/2022 19:56

Contact have a good guide here. There are 2 possible ways of DS qualifying for HRM - under the SMI rules or the virtually unable to walk criteria. It is harder to prove DS is eligible for HRM when he is younger, it becomes easier as DC get older.

Be aware if you ask for a mandatory reconsideration the award can go down as well as up.

Tol85 · 09/03/2022 20:25


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Hams12459 · 25/04/2022 23:14

Hi did you appeal? How did you get on?

Tol85 · 26/04/2022 21:04

@Hams12459 no decided against it as he gets HRC and didn't want to risk it.

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