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Stepdad left me and my special needs dd, was used by a narcissist who saw us as vulnerable

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JLBear12 · 28/01/2022 22:25

My fiance (dds stepdad) has left me for another woman. It turns out he was a covert narcissist and now I feel as though we have just been used and he only chose me as he saw me as vulnerable and easy to abuse. Is this the only kind of man that will ever want us? Once I am healed from this I am happy to be alone for a long period but maybe one day I would like a partner but I feel what's the point if this is going to happen again xx

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HeyThereDelilah1 · 30/01/2022 23:36

Sorry you’ve been through such a horrible time, give yourself time to heal and I’m sure you’ll go onto have a much healthier and happier relationship in the future. The one good thing I found from having an abusive ex is it really upped my radar for red flags and made me much clearer on what I wanted from a relationship xx

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