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Fruitbatdancer · 28/01/2022 20:54

Considering sending our son to Frewen (for primary at least) he has bad dyslexia, (recently diagnosed) compounded by lockdown he’s 1.5 years behind in literacy and 6+ months in maths. He’s socially a year or so behind peer group too (quick to tears, stickler for rules etc) but no other behavioural issues. Other more mainstream private local private schools have basically declined him based on Ed psych report, say they already have other children requiring extra support and would be wrong to take on another. I admit this surprised me a little. And with hindsight maybe I did wrong to tell them of his challenges, but surely that’s best?
We visited Frewen Prep and seems lovely but know no one who’s been/ goes/ is in the upper school.
Appreciate any views? We just want somewhere he will thrive. He’s an absolute delight and a bright spark but struggles to get it on paper.

Thanks FB

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pastparent · 19/06/2022 06:58

Unfortunately our experience of Frewen College is terrible.
Whilst the teachers are caring and kind enough many have now left which is hardly surprising given the lack of proper management which appears to create discord and stress amongst staff. This is a very disorganised, uncommunicative and poorly run facility and the management have become weak, complacent and disengaged. The governor's need to get to grips with this before it gets to a point of no return.
The school only survives financially by encouraging parents to apply and fight for EHCP funding and they have a member of staff (the vice principle) dedicated to helping parents with this. However, they are so focussed and distracted on the fight for EHCP funding that they have unfortunately forgotten the key principles of the advertised 'Frewen-Way' which has been diluted and lost.
This really is a failing school and anyone considering it should talk to as many past parents of recent years as possible and consider all other options before signing up.
We are not happy to write such a review but really want to warn others as education for our children is just so crucial and there is only one chance.

Madsciencecovid2020 · 29/04/2023 18:33

Please ignore the views of one disgruntled parent. I am a teacher of 20 years and have seen neurodiverse kids flounder in main stream despite an avalanche of help. My son joined Frewen and is thriving. The school understand my child and are actively supporting him! They are proactive and caring! The communication is excellent and the relationship between parents is amazing. Each year group has a WhatsApp group and it helps with parties and gatherings . Parents support each other , particularly if they are fighting the local authority for funding!!
For the record I have 4 neurodiverse kids , 3 of them have survived in grammar schools in Kent. My 4th should be at grammar school but would not survive the noise and bustle. Frewen has provided him with an environment to excel!! He has amazing friends and is being supported where needed whilst being challenged in subjects that he excels at! A fantastic school that cares about the children in their care. As a parent and teacher I am happier to have a well adjusted, mentally health/ well balanced child with average / good grades than have a child with serious mental health struggles due to exam stress etc. I choose my child's well being over his grades every time and I fully support Frewen and their support of my child!

socialdilemmawhattodo · 26/11/2023 18:10

Sadly it's not one disgruntled parent. Every year parents who have fought for years for an EHCP and placement at Frewen remove their children from this school. Naturally this is never disclosed to would be applicants/families. Why would a family who has fought that fight successfully with the LA for a funded place at a supposedly OK SEN school be willing to start that fight again?

The comment about the governors is very accurate. The governance at the school is weak. When my child was at Frewen the Chair of governors had been in place for over 12 years at that time. That breaches good practice. He was very poor and absolutely not independent. The Head is bitchy in his conversations with parents and indiscreet in such a way that it can only be deliberate. Very unprofessional.

There were good teaching staff who had been in place for many years, but the short-term turnover of staff in key subjects (think English, Maths) was significant. So many staff were not trained to teach dyslexic students and the school would not disclose the level of dyslexia qualifications. Other dyslexic schools around the country actively promote their teacher qualifications and offer additional training. Kent desperately needs its own dyslexic specialist school, so that Kentish students are not forced to Frewen as the only dyslexic choice.

PS my child is thriving since leaving Frewen.

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