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Won't eat or drink at school

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JessicaKenny2018 · 20/01/2022 17:56

So I guess my son who is 6 would be considered to be severely affected by his autism, he is completely non verbal, in nappies and has severe global developmental delay.
He started at a sen school in September initially he was fine was drinking no problem, his eating hasn't been great for a long time lives off Doritos, muffins, milk and yoghurt he is under a dietitian.
Anyway in October he stopped drinking at school he ended up constipated (he leaves for school at 7.30 and gets home around 4pm) tried disimpactation with movicol this didn't work and he ended up being admitted to hospital to have an enema, so he goes back to school the same happens again in November only worse this time ended up in hospital on a drip because he was dehydrated and his bowel was partially blocked and completely full.
He takes a daily maintenance of movicol 4 sachets a day.
So now he has taken to not drinking or eating at school, some days he will have the odd sip or eat a biscuit but that's it.
He is also holding on to his poo at school because he won't let anyone else change his bum but me when he's had a bowel movement, however by the time he's home it seems the sensation to go has gone and he doesn't go at all, along with the not drinking all day he then ends up constipated and his bowel impacted.
He drinks like a fish when he comes home and eats what he does normally eat.
He goes in with a lunch box full of a selection of his favourite things, he has a choice of drinks at school, plus they order him a dinner so he has a choice.
The school have now called an early annual review for his EHCP which I agree with.
Has anyone else had these issues, I'm at a loss as to what to do next.
He woke up a couple of days ago white as a sheet, clammy and shaking doctor has said this was because of his blood sugars dropping.
Any help or suggestions are welcome, I'm just constantly worrying about him.

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