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9yr old- feeling like a failure

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Darklava09 · 03/01/2022 10:02

My son is 9yrs old. He has been under camhs for 2 years!!

We are still awaiting a diagnosis. The ASD clinic has reviewed some info and said he has traits of ASD but not enough to formally diagnose as he is ok in school.

The past year he has had a lot of change including a new baby. He has gone into year 5 and it’s been tough for
Him. He is starting to act out in school a little. Nothing major but not like him.

He usually abides by rules and is a stickler for doing things right but just lately he doesn’t care about getting into trouble, swore at another child In class and constantly arguing with his class mates.

I’m struggling at home as such as he just doesn’t have any interest in anything, doesn’t want to do anything outside of his own stuff, doesn’t show much empathy or understanding to people feelings and now he can say things that does really hurt your feelings.

He is starting to become really angry for example if we’re messing around a soft ball tapped his face he went nuts saying it’s hurt him (it didn’t) and cut his eye (again it didn’t) and then he kicks off and lashes out. If he falls over rather than ask for help
Or accept a cuddle he goes mad again and kicks off and will shout and walk off.

He has a big issue with school and says that he will get bullied when he goes into secondary school.

I’m conscious that a lot of children spend too much time film technology so try and get him out and offered to take him various places and he just says no. He went trampolining the other day which he used to love a few years ago and after 10 mins he came off because he couldn’t climb some
Of the stuff and said people were talking about him.

I’m starting to feel like it’s my fault he is now acting the way he is. Should
I have pushed this earlier, do I allow
Him to get away with too much, have I been too strict on occasions.

I just feel awful

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