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Speech therapy or not

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Sunshinejoll · 31/12/2021 11:50

Hello - my 5 year old is verbal and I taught him how to speak his wants at the beginning of lockdown so now he can articulate his wants, tell me what he has done at school and answer basics. Occasionally he will share his interests. I am keen to get fluency and the receptive/expressive language to broaden. My son not diagnosed has been told autistic traits by consultant over the phone. My question is that speech therapists have been useless so far with a blanket approach and I need specific help in the areas he has trouble with. Do I keep trying to find a therapist to help or do I let things happen naturally? Time passes so quick I’m afraid I will miss the boat to help him. I desperately want to know he is making progress but I don’t know how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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