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Leza1 · 27/12/2021 19:25

I hope you have all managed to have a nice Christmas. We have just had a very bittersweet Christmas. All the cousins running around having fun, whilst our severely disabled little girl has had lots of seizures and really struggled. It has left us realising once again how different ours and her life should be. It is her second birthday soon and this Christmas has made us realise that we would like to go away for her birthday so we don’t spend the day feeling sad. The centreparcs winter lights thing would have been ideal but it’s all booked up now and was a bit too expensive. She loves lights. Is there anywhere you clever mummies can recommend that we could take her? Thanks in advance.

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SquidleyDidley · 28/12/2021 12:17

Have you looked at Lightopia? They are in London, Manchester and Alton Towers and they still have availability when I looked the other day (to the 2nd or 3rd Jan).

Another option could be a sealife centre, there are a few about and although they aren’t lights as such they are brilliant sensory wise for my son.

Sorry you had a tough time, but I think going away is a great idea. We used to go to Alton Towers CBeebies hotel when our son was that age, and eventhough he didn’t do rides, he liked the hotel and the small sealife centre and splash landings (not that be liked the splashing, but he was happy on the edge in the warm shallow area with a body warmer on).

Leza1 · 04/01/2022 12:44

@SquidleyDidley Thank you so much. I had no idea there was a CBeebies hotel!! I think this year we will do the aquarium. Fab idea! Thank you so much.

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HerRoyalHappiness · 04/01/2022 12:48

I second the aquarium idea. My kids absolutely love it.

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