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Feeling sad and depressed

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lollipoprainbow · 11/12/2021 08:47

My dd9 is fine most of the time and we deal with the ASD ok. Yesterday two things highlighted how sad I feel though about it. The Christmas fair at school and how excited she was about me coming and then her getting anxious and upset, other children in her class ignoring her and running around excitedly with their friends whilst my dd watched (she has no friends) made me so so sad. I was so cold and fed up I snapped at her 'let's just go home' which made me feel like an awful mum. Out for dinner with two friends last night where they talked about their NT kids non stop and one of them mentioning her dd had made lots of nice friends in her new class and had been on lots of play dates made me feel like crying. I've woken up this morning feeling sad, depressed, low and not very Christmassy ! Anyone else relate ??

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Vandelay · 11/12/2021 13:51

Oh yes, I can totally relate, and I had the same feelings triggered by our Christmas fair this year too. All of DS's classmates independently running around together, having a great time, whilst DS clung to me.. It's definitely depressing. I can say, though, that it has encouraged me to push for more friendship / social skill support at school.

OberthursGrizzledSkipper · 11/12/2021 13:56

Oh yes, very familiar Sad

Trouble is that it gets worse the older they get and the gap between them and the NT gets ever wider. My 14 yo at her favourite activity last week came back and said "this isn't fun anymore", and I saw her two activity friends deep in conversation with a new friend who has just started there.

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