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Please help - where to go next! DS (15) undiagnosed ADHD.

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MissPeregrine · 04/12/2021 13:15

We’ve always thought there was a possibility DS had ADHD, he exhibits all of the signs, concentrating, easily distracted (massively) fidgets, has to have something in his hand most of the time when working, constant talking, interrupting, making noises etc.

We’ve had comments here and there from school that he interrupts, but they don’t think he can help it, lacks focus, fidgets, can’t sit still etc but no contact from anyone at school during his time there, which is maybe why I was extremely hesitant in approaching this with DS and school.

DS actually approached me a few weeks ago, he was the one who asked me about it as he’d looked online and everything he read, he felt he struggled with and that’s when we talked about it possibly being ADHD.

It’s become more apparent that he’s struggling the older he’s got and this is where we are now.

I’ve been to see the GP who referred us to Cahms but was extremely honest stating that we’d need to get school on board too, otherwise the referral will most probably not be accepted.

Contacted school who have began the form filling in process (no idea what forms, I’m clueless) and they initially spoke to DS asking various questions. As he struggles to explain and recount information I’m really not sure exactly what’s he been asked. No contact from school since I spoke to them.

Yesterday a letter came through from Cahms telling us they couldn’t help at this stage and, along with lots of info etc, said we would need to be referred to a children’s paediatric!

My question is, how do I access this? Is it back to the GP again?

Hope you can help in guiding me to what to do next, how to help him, how to push for this.

I’m also worried about the length of time this could take, he’ll be 16 towards the end of next year. Any private referral advice? Any advice at all would be hugely appreciated.

DS needs help in concentrating, finishing tasks, socially too.

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BlankTimes · 07/12/2021 10:33

Hopeful Bump

MissPeregrine · 07/12/2021 21:47

Thanks so much @BlankTimes!

We are due a meeting with school, letter from Camhs stated that we would need to seek advice from Community Paediatrics (not childrens as I stated above). Fingers crossed we can move a little bit forward after school meeting.

Will update later this week but would still appreciate any advice however small, your experiences, anything.

We’ve had a tough couple of years and lots of questions.

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MissPeregrine · 07/12/2021 21:58

I imagine the waiting list is long, looking at finances to possibly go private but would appreciate any help with this. Not the best for us, we’re not flush, but will look into this as just need some answers.

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