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I had 2 really weird dreams last night!

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fio2 · 11/11/2004 15:46

The first one was that janh was friends with my mum and dad. They invited us over (I was a child?!) but her house was one massive bathroom and she only had a lounge and a bedroom for her and her husband off it. We were staying the night and she made me sleep in one of her baths with a quilt over me. She wouldnt let her husband speak either

Then i woke up to see to ds, and my second dream was about the SN meet up. i went to my normal bus stop and EVERYONE was standing waiting at my 'normal' bus stop, plus 2 of my old school friends, who hadnt aged. i wondered why they were there but they said they thought I needed moral support. I had took a plant along and so had lou33! I had bought a christmas cactus and wrapped it in crepe paper and put it in a pink plastic bag. Lou33 had this topiary conifer in a trendy stainless steel pot. It looked amazing and when i looked at my plant again, it had feel to peices. Anyway, we all waiting at the bus stop and decided it was time to go to the cafe, except it was 'nicky clarkes' cafe and he didnt serve anything.......then I woke up

I have really started to question my mental health

OP posts:
spacemonkey · 11/11/2004 15:47

but did she have a penis fio?

marthamoo · 11/11/2004 15:50

And was it growing out of her forehead?

fio2 · 11/11/2004 15:51

no-one had a penis

except maybe janh's husband and nicky clarke, but I never noticed

OP posts:
marthamoo · 11/11/2004 15:52

A dream with no penises (penii?). How dull...

fio2 · 11/11/2004 15:53
OP posts:
blossomhill · 11/11/2004 16:02

Thank god I wasn't in it this time.

heartinthecountry · 11/11/2004 16:07

fio - you are bonkers!

So are you definitely coming to the meet-up then?

lou33 · 11/11/2004 16:35

I'm sorry I wilted your plant fio. Maybe if I had a big penis I could have watered it for you

fio2 · 11/11/2004 16:45

LOL lou33

god i feel a bit about posting this now!

what time are we meeting? I will get my train book out!

OP posts:
lou33 · 11/11/2004 16:46

I'll be there about 11.

I'm quite flattered i was dreamt of tbh

Chocol8 · 11/11/2004 18:41

Fio - worry not! When I see you tomorrow, I will tell you about my dream last night and yours will seem absolutely fine in comparison!

Sorry girls, no penii (???), damn it!

By the way, i'm germ free (yipee!) so can snog everyone tomorrow without fear of infection (just rejection) xx

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