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School named in EHCP

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TheD0gate1t · 24/09/2021 17:03

We've received ds's finalised EHCP. In the naming a school section it gives the current school, then states from September 2022, when ds is due to change to secondary another school, it's the school we want so that's great. I'm just wondering if it has the same standing as the current school in that do they have to accept a child if its named?
We have a review between now and then so I'm worried they'll some how decide to take it off. The SENCO at current school said it's an advised school after I said I was relieved. So now I feel even more concerned!

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JenniferAllisonPhillipaSue · 24/09/2021 17:06

Secondary school is normally nominated in the AR preceding the standard secondary school application window (if you get what I mean)., and then confirmed in the AR preceding transfer. If it's named at this point, I would say that you are safe to presume the school has accepted the future placement.

TheD0gate1t · 24/09/2021 17:53

This is the first EHCP, it was finalised 30th July. So without it we would now be applying for secondary. It's new to us so I'm just getting a bit confused. I've emailed the case worker and just had the response of "its named for September 2022" after asking many more questions so that wasnt too much help!
Thank you for your help!

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monstrousmayhem · 24/09/2021 18:43

Normally there would be a phase transfer review held in the autumn term of Y6 or at the end of the summer term if held in Y5. Following this the EHCP would be amended and finalised by 15th Feb of Y6. I would take it that because the EHCP was only finalised in July the LA have done this so that another review doesn't need to be held so soon.

TheD0gate1t · 30/09/2021 09:47

Thanks, I hope this is the case. The current class teacher hadn't even seen the EHCP as of Monday.
I'm visiting the September 2022 school later, they had cases of covid and closed down before I could visit last term. I saw their partner school which is very much the same but they said he fits into the other school more so we named it without seeing it, but having known a few staff members to talk to. They'll know he's coming if it's been sent to them by the LA wont they so hopefully they'll be more help.

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