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Potty training refuser

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Blueroses99 · 28/08/2021 12:05

My 4 year old is refusing to potty train. We had made some progress earlier in the year and thought we were making slow progress but on track. Then she regressed so we took a break and then started again slowly. Now she refuses to use any potty or toilet - because she doesn’t want to. I don’t know how to convince her to want to. No nappies doesn’t work because she won’t tell us when she needs the toilet in advance. Sometimes she’ll say afterwards but usually not, she’ll just carry on wet. She is suspected to have ASD (sorry if I haven’t got the right terminology) but doesn’t have a diagnosis yet. I feel like a terrible parent and feeling judgment from all sides. She is due to start reception in a few weeks and I’m worried that she will get bullied. She was in a SEN preschool (focusing on SALT) but has been discharged from there as her speech has improved. Even they couldn’t crack it with her. I’m at a loss. Any advice?

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