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Advice on applying for DLA for child due to mobility issues

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UserStillatLarge · 13/08/2021 11:16

Hello, I'm hoping for some advice into whether I could apply for DLA (or something else) for my DD who has mobility issues and if anyone has any experience of this and could provide any words of wisdom!

DD is 15 and suffers from chronic pain which is exacerbated when she weight bears on one foot (i.e. walking or standing). She can only walk with the help of a crutch. Her walking range is about 400m before her foot becomes too painful for her to continue. If she takes it very slowly and carefully she might manage 800m at a stretch. If she walks in short bursts over the day (e.g. at school) her walking range gradually decreases as the day goes along. She just barely copes with school (quite often will be in tears at one point or another due to pain), despite the school allowing her to use the lift (stairs are very hard for her), take shortest routes between classrooms etc.

She's been suffering for nearly 2 years now - at first it was assumed to be a injury to her foot which would get better, but this has now been ruled out and it's gone into the "unexplained pain" bucket. So we have no idea if she will recover or if this will never improve.

It's only comparatively recently that we are getting our heads round the fact that we don't have a child with a injured foot - we have a child with a disability; hence now thinking about if there is any support available.

Would really appreciate any advice from someone as to any support she might be eligible for and any feedback from anyone who has gone through similar.

OP posts:
10brokengreenbottles · 14/08/2021 12:21

I don't think claiming DLA or PIP (if DD will be 16 soon I wouldn't bother with DLA, but wait to apply for PIP) will be easy.

For DLA, low rate mobility is related to guidance or supervision outside, from your post this doesn't sound relevant. For high rate mobility you would be applying under the virtually unable to walk criteria as the other reasons you can get HRM aren't relevant to you.
The test considers the "ability to walk out of doors is so limited, as regards to:

  • the distance of which
  • the speed at which
  • the length of time for which or
  • the manner in which

(they) can make progress on foot without severe discomfort, that (they are) virtually unable to walk."

For PIP the criteria to receive standard mobility is "you can stand and then move between 20 and 50 metres without any help." In order to satisfy the criteria DD would need to be able to do it safely, to an acceptable standard, repeatedly, and within a reasonable time period. If DD is in considerable pain when walking the distance she can not do it reliably.
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