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Would these be signs of ADHD or just normal child behaviour

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FishfingerFlinger · 27/07/2021 16:08

I strongly suspect (though not diagnosed) that I have ADHD, though I performed well at school. My 7yo DS is very much like I was as a child and I see things in him that I think may be signs, though I am perhaps over-interpreting normal child behaviour and would appreciate any opinions.

He definitely does NOT correspond to a stereotype of ‘naughty hyperactive boy’. His school reports are generally very good, he raises his hand often in class and is very well behaved.

The things I have noticed are:
-teacher has commented about him being daydreamy, needs have instructions repeated etc
-he found it really hard to focus on zoom-lessons when we were home schooling (I relate to this as I find zoom meetings incredibly hard to focus on)
-he seems to be underperforming at school relative to his known strengths. Eg I know he is very good at maths and can easily do maths problems above his age level but teacher reports he doesn’t always progress to the more challenging questions in class work (maybe demonstrating poor focus?)
-completely ‘zones out’ when watching TV, he just doesn’t hear me shouting him (unlike my other DS who may choose to ignore me in the same scenario, but he does actually hear!)
-loses focus easily when following simple instructions (eg wandering around wearing one shoe because he’s got distracted half way through putting them on)

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FishfingerFlinger · 27/07/2021 20:30


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