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So annoyed with hospital staff today...Bit ranty!!!

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Piffleoffagus · 04/11/2004 21:32

Had to take dd (2)to hospital as she has had gastric flu for ten days and is pretty poorly, just as precaution etc
Once they realised she had a "rare" genetic syndrome (Noonan Syndrome) they forgot what she was there for and asked really F*ing stupid questions assuming that every child with a syndrome has developmental delays...
does she recognise you as her mother?
Can she talk? (DD was pointing and talking at the time)
did you know she has a heart murmur (oh you don't say - did you even bother to google or read your BLOODY notes before seeing my dd?)
I see she is unable to walk or crawl, is she mobile at all? (dd walks and crawls, just NOT AFTER PUKING for 10 days solid you MORONS, thats WHY I CAME, not to be ogled at as some circus sideshow!!!!!!!1
we have moved from large major hospital to small semi rural one so I suppose I should have expected it..
Upshot being
vomiting for 10 days is aboslutely fine so long as baby drinks regularly..

OP posts:
Jimjams · 04/11/2004 21:37

I think the does she recognise you as her mother is the most offensive. Even the most profoundly disabled children I have met recognise their mother's.

Mum2girls · 04/11/2004 21:39


misdee · 04/11/2004 21:41

stupid docs. as soon as dh walks into hospital/gp's/whatever he gets quizzed up on his condition. so kinda know what your goiong thro, but must be so much harder as its your dd they are talking about. did they try talking to your dd at all?

coppertop · 04/11/2004 21:42

Why didn't they just read the bl**dy notes instead of conducting an interrogation??? Besides, what does her ability to walk have to do with gastric flu anyway?!!

Davros · 04/11/2004 21:46

ime very few professionals in a hospital read the notes, they ask YOU questions, much easier and less time consuming, only you might get something wrong! Its different if they know you and are familiar with your case but otherwise the graze them as you arrive in their room and then ask you questions. trick is to remember not to answer and get them to read the notes.
Stupid sods!

fio2 · 05/11/2004 06:59

thye just dont read the notes at all! and half them havent got a clue

I had to take my dd (when she was the same age as yours pif) into hosptal with pnemonia. I remember having a bit oif a dispute with a junior paed because they wanted to test my dd for CF. I said to her "I am not a carrier though, it is impossible" and she replied "but your sister had CFI just looked at her, i couldnt actually beleive my ears. When the senior consultant came she said let your dd have the sweat test and then i will teach the jr's why it is impossible that she would have CF.

sorry they have treated you so appalingly. Jimjams i find it so patronising 'does she recognise you"

luckymum · 05/11/2004 09:41

Don't get me started here.......

We once took dd to our local hospital with a chest infection. They asked about her regular meds one of which is aspirin prescribed by her cardiologist. The upstart of a house officer proceded to tell me that he was 'appalled that I was giving aspirin'.....'what was I thinking of' blah blah...'did I know the risks?'. Er, yes but she's more likely to have a coronary due to a clot if she stops taking it.......ooooo he made my blood boil.

And this is at the hospital who dx'd her heart attack as colic and a UTI.

luckymum · 05/11/2004 09:42

Sorry piffle - rant over.....Hope your dd is feeling better, vomiting for 10 days,poor thing.

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