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DD11 ADHD potential

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user1488722687 · 03/06/2021 16:31

So after a few events that have happened over the past few days, myself DD dad and my family have talked about DD struggles and behaviours. She's in yr7 and has had tricky times with friends, refusing to go to school. She doesn't think ahead and is very in the moment, she hyper talks, very loud. Has strange behaviours of setting her alarm three hours before she needs to be ready each morning (something I've stopped) she over reacts and has meltdowns for small things. Her peers find her "annoying". Which sounds awful. Won't listen to simple instructions such as don't touch my phone, she will then touch it repeatedly. Very forgetful.
DD is a loving and caring girl at times and she loves her arts and crafts. I worry what her future will hold if we don't seek help. I've seen her with anxiety recently and don't want to leave her to struggle in the future. I work with children and I have an older daughter so I know something isn't right. Where do I start, I'm talking with the pastoral team at her school about her friendship and anxiety struggles. Should I speak to senco? Please be kind, I don't feel I can't get everything across in this post.

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user1488722687 · 03/06/2021 21:44

She finds social boundaries tricky, she will tell adults they shouldn't be smoking or drinking. It come across as being very rude. She will then be in a mood about it.

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user1488722687 · 16/06/2021 23:49

Just in case anyone is going through the same thing, our family GP agrees. However we have to go through school to get a referral xx

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