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TheWonkyFrog · 08/05/2021 21:57


At 16mo my son was babbling “muma“ and “dada”, and singing “E-I-E-0”. Had ok eye contact but didn’t point.

Around 18mo he had regressed and stopped babbling, and we lost eye contact.

He is now 23.5mo and over the last month he started babbling again, has 10 words (though not the words he had), eye contact has improved and has started to point.

He is clearly behind on his milestones, but I’m beginning to think it may not be ASD regression due to the time between regression and starting to recover. He was stressed about poo’ing from constipation pain and stool witholding (now fixing with Movicol)

Obviously I will probably only know with time, and ASD is different for all. We are due to meet with the HV in 3 weeks time.

But was wondering if people can share experience of skill recovery from regression in general and/or ASD?

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