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SN children

Transferring to PIP at 16

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ihavethehighground · 08/05/2021 12:54

This isn't too far away for us and I've been recommended someone who will fill in the forms with me to get a better chance..
There is a fee for this.
Has anyone else used this type of service ?

OP posts:
Ellie56 · 08/05/2021 15:25
MyDcAreMarvel · 08/05/2021 15:38

Don’t use citizens advice they are frequently really bad at helping with pip/dla forms. Benefits and work is well worth the £20 annual fee but it does have free sections. Or ask for help from a charity relating to your child’s disability.
Tbf pip forms are not like dla forms it’s 90% the f2f that matters.

10brokengreenbottles · 08/05/2021 15:59

As well as the benefits and work website, this guide is useful.

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