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Could this be adhd?

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TheVolturi · 20/04/2021 18:09

My 7 year old ds has always been a bit of a handful. But for the last year or so he's gradually got worse and worse. He behaves very well in school although teacher says he needs reminding a lot of what he's supposed to be doing, and she doesn't think he's listening, but he's well behaved. He is a complete hell raiser at home and out of school. Runs off when we are out for a walk, goes off the path, climbing everything, no sense of danger. Bounces off the furniture, climbs everything, breaks things by being heavy handed and rough. Doesn't do any one thing for very long. And the worst thing is he's started swearing. There is a naughty boy in his class who we've had to have words about so it may have come from him, but he has absolutely no filter, he causes trouble with his siblings and then shouts and swears. He is never still, from waking up in the morning he's constantly on the go. He is really making home life very hard for us all at the moment. His older brother has autism, so we have been through the assessment for that, I just don't know what to do this time.
He can be really kind and lovely.
His teacher said she thinks he's just a typical boy!

OP posts:
Alleycat02 · 23/05/2021 19:55

This sounds a lot like my 7 year old son - he is constantly moving, talking, fidgeting, will run off and climb trees etc. when we're out. Looking after him is more like looking after a toddler but I've had exactly the same comments from his teacher when I emailed her to detail my concerns and ask for her input as I'm about to approach the GP to ask for a referral for ADHD assessment. She gave a lot of evidence that backs up how he behaves at home eg has trouble sitting for 'carpet time' in class and always needs to find something to fiddle with like a paperclip, will always run over play equipment rather than walk past it etc, but then she finished it with 'but I will stress that this behaviour is typical of other children his age'. Except it's not though, is it??!! So frustrating!! My plan is to still go ahead with speaking to the GP and giving them the teacher's email comments, see how it goes from there......

DressesWithPockets · 26/05/2021 11:37

Your sons sound a lot like my son (aged very nearly 7) who has just been diagnosed with ADHD. At home he's always bounced around a lot, needed a lot of exercise, struggled to stay focussed on anything etc (eg he will say he wants to make cupcakes and then 2 minutes into the process stops being involved and just bounces around the room talking about unrelated things). But he's not naughty at all, just needs a lot of reminding to get dressed etc and a lot exercise, so we would never have really looked into it.

But the school say similar things, eg doesn't stay sitting on the carpet, needs to fiddle with things a lot (always taking his shoes off for some reason), needs a lot of refocussing on tasks. He's bright enough but his written work is all over the place because he can't concentrate for the length of time it takes to write a sentence or complete a maths worksheet. The school suggested we have him assessed. It was initially for autism actually but the doctor said he should actually be assessed for ADHD, and that is what he's now been diagnosed with.

I would advise to pursue it if you think something's up. The school should want to help, and you can also refer him yourself through the GP. Have you seen the NHS website at and

If you think your son has 6 or more symptoms of either inattentiveness or hyperactivity/impulsiveness then that apparently is what you need for a diagnosis.

Good luck!

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