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Suspected neurological issue

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210517hfc · 23/03/2021 09:23

Hi guys. We have 9 month old boy who is currently being investigated for a neurological issue and specifically a form of CP. he has a hand preference in terms of grasping and feeding himself. He can get a food item up to his mouth with his left arm but can’t feed himself and will switch to the right. He is showing larger muscles in one of the sides and our family physio which looks after our daughter for another condition has said there is something going on. My question and it’s possibly because I’m clinging on to a bit of hope is whether there is anything else it could be? He can commando crawl using both arms and legs. However he is unable to sit unaided and is making steady progress since we started focusing on this. We are waiting on an mri. My wife with her mother’s instinct has accepted it. I will with a firm diagnosis and we will get through it. I just want to learn if there is anything other than CP this could be. Thanks

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