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do any of you manage to have a nicely decorated house?

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Jimjams · 29/10/2004 15:53

Just wondering!

I've had to remove the bathroom lock today (ds1 fiddling with it a lot recently)- left a nasty green stain to deal with and holes in the door. Had to remove the lock on the other bathroom ages ago. Our stairs have really nice original ornate pannelling- covered with strong cardboard as ds1 tries to climb through it. Am going to have to do something with the windows in ds2's room as ds1 climbs onto them all the time. We're gradually (very gradually) trying to do up the house but half the time I feel like what's the point as it'll only get trashed.

DS1 hasn't been too destructive up to now but he is getting curious and so more destructve. Last week he threw a picture down the stairs - glass smashed everywhere and dh wanted to remove all the pictures (I said no- and that phase does seem to have passed for the moment).

Now he can reach loads of places and has the nonce to move furniture if he wants to climb- I feel like safety and autism are taking over the house.

Does it get better? Do any of you manage to combine autism friendly with nice house?

OP posts:
RnB · 29/10/2004 16:07

Message withdrawn

jojo38 · 29/10/2004 16:08

My house is a jungle of mess. I try so hard to keep it tidy enough, just in case we have unexpected visitors (sad eh?).

No - decoration is not brill here. I'm waiting til kids are older.

Youngest ds has a disgusting habit of picking his nose while he is asleep. Some how it gets wiped over the wallpaper where he sleeps. YUK

Jimjams · 29/10/2004 16:14

I just feel like he's getting more destructive as he gets older- and I have no idea how to tackle that really. Property and possessions mean nothing to him. Like rnb I feel like we're being taken over by locks and barricades and when I go to people's houses I have to start eyeing up their first floor windows. We have balconies and a roof terrace that we don't dare use. I'm wondering whether we need to raise the back fence. Lots of windows are too dangerous to be opened. Really quite fed up with it tbh. He's climbing on everything now as well.

OP posts:
Jimjams · 29/10/2004 16:16

And at the moment all the doors are being slammed shut and he keeps shutting the pissy cat in bedrooms! The cat was due to be put down last wekk- given a reprieve as the ABA tutor is trying to find her a home but that is annoying me as well. She wees in the house enough without being shut in!

OP posts:
Chocol8 · 29/10/2004 16:17

Heh heh Jimjams - what a very apt day for you to have posted this! In short "no" my house is not nicely decorated...but I REALLY wish it were.

This is my 3rd Friday off work on my new 4 day week and the idea was to decorate ds's room (especially colour matched paint in Thomas blue and Percy green!!!!). The first week I tore his room apart and chucked loads of stuff he would not have let me chuck and completely blitzed it, the second week I went to the SN expo and this week, I have ds and so not much work is getting done! I am trying though! He wants to paint and of course, I rather he didn't.

There are various bits of trashed furniture around and a rather decrepid looking wooden extendable stair gate at the top of the stairs (incase he sleepwalks). Pieces of his (rather gorgeous) artwork adorn the walls in the kitchen and the living room, and I have many toys that don't work cos they need new bulbs, batteries etc on literally every surface.

For me, the answer has to be that I do endeavour to combine autism friendly with a nice house, but in reality, it hasn't happened...yet! We'll get there one day I am sure, but it takes such a lot of energy which I don't seem to have right now. I am really hoping that no one else writes in and says they have gorgeously decorated houses! xx

Dingle · 29/10/2004 18:02

Oh yes, ours is always immaculate!

(hurries away to clean the sticky fingermarks off the TV, and to pile up paperwork on the desk into some sort of organised chaos.)

misdee · 29/10/2004 18:22

my house, is basic decoration. we dont have paper on walls as all kids regardless of disabilities etc tend to rip wall paper or draw on it so we just stick to paint. dont have flouncey curtains, tho have seen some nice ones for the living room, but unless they can be washed regulary its no-go. kids room have roller blinds, we have hard floor everywhere, only rugs/mats we have are door mats, one snail mat for the girls bedroom which gets washed each week, and bath mat. everything has to be practical and as easy to clean as possible. i dont think we have anything that requires dry/chemical cleaning.

it will be nice when finsihed. tho i really wanted to buy a carpet for the babies room but comman sense took over and made me put hard floor down.

coppertop · 29/10/2004 18:40

A nicely decorated house?? Not at all. Ds2 is into throwing things in a really BIG way. Anything he can get his hands on will be hurled across the room, whatever it might be made of. I keep wondering about getting some kind of safety screen for the television because I can't help thinking that it's just a matter of time until something heavy goes crashing through the TV screen. Ds2 is also into smearing stuff. Thankfully he hasn't yet discovered poo-smearing but we have walls and doors streaked with gravy, sauces, paints etc on top of all the usual toddler penmanship that finds its way on to the walls.

The windows have locks on them anyway but I'm even careful not to let my two ds's even see a window being opened as I don't want them to copy it for themselves. Ds2 would be off like a shot. I even have an overgrown hedge outside the most easily accessible windows downstairs just so that ds2 wouldn't get far even if he did get the window open.

The stairgates are still up as both boys tend to wander early in the mornings. We still have the same safety locks on cupboards and the fridge as we did when ds1 was a baby. There are locks on the outside doors of the bathroom and toilet - and sometimes reassurance is needed for visitors who think we might want to lock them in. Ds1 went through a loooong stage of flushing stuff down the toilet and now it seems to be ds2's turn to do the same.

We have the same crappy wallpaper that was up when we moved in here nearly 4 years ago and I can't honestly see us redecorating for a few more years yet. The carpets are all strictly for functional purposes rather than decoration - not that we get to see them very often when ds2 is in one of his throwing frenzies.

I dread it when people say they are coming round to visit because I know the place is an absolute mess.

mieow · 29/10/2004 18:40

yEah my house is spotless, the kids ain't allow to move from the sofas
f I'm honest, my wallpaper is ripped off, my locks are broken on bathrooms. My floor looks like its never seen a hoover, even though it gets hoovered everyday. My hall way isn't finished yet, as I can't work out how to do the dado, and Dd2's bedroom look like a giant easal, with scribble everywhere {blush]

jakbrown · 29/10/2004 19:05

HA! I LOVE this thread Jimjams . We moved in the day after developmental paed told us there was something 'seriously wrong' with dd's development (over two years ago) and I was pregnant with ds. Since then we have been heads down in autism- we have decorated dd's room, and that's about it. Still have the same hideous lampshades, 'sauna' style kitchen etc... Carpet is imbued with wee/poo/banana/ricecakes and vomit throughout. Any 'nice' things are either in the loft or so high up nobody can see them. The TV is knackered and ancient (dd likes to stim by banging tambourine on it all day). All the radiators seem to be constantly smeared in food even if we clean them. The 'leather' sofa has been bitten within an inch of its lovely life. I'm actually embarrassed to have people round...

Trying to work out how to actually make house look nice and dd friendly and live in it at the same time with dd's therapy going on 9-4 everyday!!
Sorry, no great advice there. Shall we phone homefront?!!!
Saw that lovely programme about a sensory garden for Flora repeated a few weeks ago. SO reminds me of dd it made me cry...

coppertop · 29/10/2004 19:07

It sounds as though we could be living in the same house, JB!

jakbrown · 29/10/2004 19:19

coppertop, maybe that's the answer! Maybe we pool resources... And get a live in SALT, a sensory attic and the biggest trampoline you have ever seen!

coppertop · 29/10/2004 19:42

We could have stain-proof carpets, and windowless throwing-rooms. And of course there'd be a lockable room containing a fully-stocked bar - for us to escape to!

pixel · 29/10/2004 20:04

Ha ha, I live in a pub, I've already got that!

coppertop · 29/10/2004 20:07

Not fair!

Jimjams · 29/10/2004 20:11

Ok for our communal house can I please request taps that can be turned off (became fixated and glued in a stim tonight to the tap for 3 hours- every time we removed him huge screaming fit- not good), lights that cannot be flicked on and off (two bulbs lost today), doors that cannot be slammed with no cracks to look under and which shut completely so that no screaming fits ensue.

He doesn't cope well with no school does he?

Oh and an indesctuctable bread machine that he can't notice spinning (stim before the taps).

And how about a cook/waitress/cleaner so I don't have to do all the other stuff on top.

OP posts:
heartinthecountry · 29/10/2004 21:51

Hee hee - love this thread. Our house is CONSTANTLY a mess. But have to admit dd isn't responsible for any of it apart from a few toys and a few bits of propelled food. My biggest challenge is living with a dog (longish hair), a cat (long hair) and a blacksmith (no hair but always filthy). I only ever feel comfortable now having REALLY good friends round otherwise I have to spend hours tidying. And having friends with small children is even worse as our house is not in any way toddler proof (as dd isn't mobile yet). Everyone always says 'don't worry about it' until they get here - I did notice the look of absolute horror on one friend's face as her dd picked up one of dh's axes that happened to be lying on the sitting room floor.... .

blossomhill · 29/10/2004 21:59

Yes. Only because dh is a decorator though.
When dd went through her atristic scribbling on the wall phase (for about 18 months). I would make poor dh touch it up

mrsforgetful · 30/10/2004 00:03

Tiny pieces of paper,peeled off shreds of video labels,batteries,corners of mars bar wrappers(the bit you tear of to open them),coins,SYCAMORE SEEDS ,C.d's,socks,coathangers and cushios off the setees......well "THAT is a few of my favourite things" ())

Then there's peeled off wallpaper (which i'm inspired to hear happens in all households....not just SN....however NO-ONE i know has their paper stripped by a 5 year old.... (he scribbles on it to and autographs frequently.

i have to throw out (as soon as i buy them )the video cases that the videos come and all....otherwise they are chewed and shredded....and i am sick of the comments i get from people 'why do they do that? now i buy a video and chuck out the case.

urine pemanently behind the loo....wall/floor/seat....that's the 10 yr old.

whatever leigh (8) is into at the time is always strewn cards.....

ripped settee cushions....

a bowl of fruit with bites out of everything (yep....typical of a 1yr old....NOT a 5 yr old)


blossomhill · 30/10/2004 00:07

The house may be nicely decorated but dd is like a walking tornado! She wrecks the place daily and if I ask her to tidy up she has a massive tantrum! All I seem to do is walk around picking up after dd. Mind you ds isn't much better to be honest.
Let's just say my house is quite "sparce". Thankfully the minimulist (sp) look is in isn't it

blossomhill · 30/10/2004 00:08

Why are my cushions never on the settee
It's as if it winds the kids up if they are not on the floor!!!

mrsforgetful · 30/10/2004 00:09

are you here????


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blossomhill · 30/10/2004 00:13

Here I am! Have posted on the other thread. I am over tired!

mrsforgetful · 30/10/2004 00:37

BH...sorry i missed you!
Have posted on the ADHD thread...hope it helps.
Will mail you directly as soon as the kids are back to school monday!

blossomhill · 30/10/2004 00:41

Mrs F - I have just put out a post for you on chat but you don't go on active conversations do you? I forgot, should have posted it under special needs.
Never mind! It would be really nice to hear from you if you get a chance.
I should be in bed but have got insomnia at the moment (well, sort of!).

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