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Couldn't think of a better place to post this but on here!!!!!

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mrsforgetful · 28/10/2004 01:18

I was listening to R4 today....and they were talking about laughter....and this bloke was on about the pragmatics of the whole caboodle of stuff that comes together when we laugh!

Well like alot of the stuff on R4....i try to understand ...but this was getting way too heavy for me....and then he told a joke.

And it is sooooo simple....and i think it's excellent for our HFA kids as it may need explaining to them ....but it demonstrates clearly (!!!?) how 'what you hear' isn't always 'exactly what you think you here)

This being something our Literal/Metaphorical darlings often struggle with!

Well's THAT joke....hope you all don't start yawning! (it really says something when i say that this had me in stitches...and all i can say is it's obviuosly ME and my WORDPLAY again!!!)


There are 2 fishes in a tank

AND .......

ONE says to the other .............

Do YOU know how to drive this thing??????"

Teee Heeeee Heeeeee!

OP posts:
marthamoo · 28/10/2004 07:53

Mrs F

jakbrown · 28/10/2004 08:07

Grin Grin

JoolsToo · 28/10/2004 08:21

there was similar thing on Jeremy Vine a month or so ago - about laughter being very therapeutic. I was driving along listening - then they put this guy on - I think he was an Asian doctor who was well into this theory and he was demonstrating laughing - well it was like the laughing clown at Blackpool - I nearly wet the car seat - priceless!

RnB · 28/10/2004 08:39

Message withdrawn

coppertop · 28/10/2004 09:22


Twiglett · 28/10/2004 09:41


tangerinecath · 28/10/2004 10:33

groan emoticon required

I just love stupid jokes like this. My favourite all time joke is
What's brown and sticky?

A stick!!

marthamoo · 28/10/2004 10:34

tangerinecath - I told that joke to ds2 (he's almost 3) and he said "sauce!"

jakbrown · 28/10/2004 10:38

LOL marthamoo

Blackduck · 28/10/2004 10:41

I like kinds of jokes too....anything along the lines of
How do you get four elephants in a mini? etc. etc.

tangerinecath · 28/10/2004 10:47

lol @ marthamoo's ds

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